Friday, May 27, 2016

Excerpt From EON (Chronos Ring #1)

Well, Earl's first book has been out about a week now.  I'd like to think that it's performing respectably: got about a dozen sales, 6000 page reads. It's not knocking anybody out of first place at the moment, but - for an indie author that no one's ever heard of - I think it's doing fine. It hasn't gotten any reviews yet, but I have had some people sign up for my mail list (which I assume means that they liked the book).

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share an excerpt from the book, so I've posted a small passage from it below.  Enjoy!

“How much?” said a gravelly voice next to Lotus. Glancing to where it came from, he saw a tall, thin man with an oversized, bulbous head. The fellow had rough-looking skin that was purple-brown in color, and elongated arms that went down to his knees. Noting suction cups on the man’s hands, Lotus recognized him as an octo hominid — a genetically engineered person made by splicing human DNA with that of an octopus.

“How much?” the octo asked again.

“I’m not interested,” Lotus replied.

“How much for woman?” the octo clarified testily, holding up cash in its suckered fist and nodding towards Monica (who looked horrified at what was being suggested).

“She’s not interested either,” Lotus said flatly, trying to inconspicuously slide into a fighting stance. Octos were notably fast and notoriously strong, but had extremely poor vision — a fact he’d use to his advantage if this situation escalated (as it seemed on the verge of doing).

“This is Maxima’s,” the man declared fervently. “All is for sale.”

“Not tonight, friend,” Lotus stated. “Move along.”

Rather than heed that advice, the octo flung the money it held in Lotus’ face, shouting, “You take cash! I take girl!”

The man moved deliberately towards Monica, apparently considering the issue settled. Lotus, placing a firm hand on the fellow’s shoulder, spun him around and then threw a punch at the man’s face. Faster than seemed possible, the man’s hand came up, catching Lotus’ fist before the blow could land.

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